How to recover data from a USB stick or memory card after formatting
Probably, everyone faced a situation when, after connecting a USB flash drive, memory card or…

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How to choose a laptop for work?
What criteria should a laptop meet to work, taking into account the time and ease…

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The best budget laptops
After 2014, when the economy of our country was shocked by the crisis, and the…

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The best cases for the computer

Ladies and gentlemen, we continue our series of materials about assembling a gaming PC. Let’s see what we already have: a monitor, processor, video card, keyboard, mouse and headset. Well, it’s not bad at all, but we still need a lot of things to complete the assembly. Our material today may seem a little unusual to you, because we will not talk about components that clearly affect the overall performance of the system. In this article we want to tell you about computer cases.

When assembling any PC, no matter what you are going to do on it, it is very important to choose a good case. Of course, you can argue that the housing is exactly what you can save on. But we strongly recommend that you do not. Firstly, when buying expensive components, it is simply a sin to buy an ugly Chinese case, the design of which does not cause anything but a hysterical laugh. Secondly, a bad case can cause the computer to overheat. The thing is that cheap cases have poor ventilation, which leads to excessive heating of the components. Continue reading

Than MacBook is better than ultrabook on Windows

What to buy – a slightly used MacBook or an ultrabook on Windows, what advantages or disadvantages does this or that option have?
It’s no news to anyone that the leading manufacturers have learned how to make ultrabooks on Windows of high enough quality, including relatively inexpensive models for a wide range of users. A vivid confirmation of this is the Surface Book from Microsoft – this is really worth the little thing.

Surface book

Nevertheless, despite the price of 60 thousand rubles, it has some drawbacks even before the MacBook Pro 13 Retina released back in 2014. No wonder they say that if you start using Apple technology once, it’s already hard to change “apple” devices with devices of other brands.

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