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Best SSDs for gaming PC

We continue our cycle about assembling a gaming PC and the next step is to choose a device for storing information. In our past materials, which were related to possible ways to accelerate desktops and laptops, we constantly told you that the easiest way to speed up your computer is to install a solid state drive. The technology of classic hard drives is already quite old and today the use of HDD as the main storage for a PC is completely unjustified.

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Therefore, today we will tell you about the best and fastest solid state drives that will definitely not limit the performance of your gaming PC. And so, let’s get started.

Best SSD: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB

If you are looking for the perfect solid state drive, which harmoniously combines speed, capacity and cost, then we have such a model for you. This is Samsung 960 EVO 500GB. This Samsung SSD is just a fantastic piece of silicon wafer that will definitely add a few points to your PC in the Performance column.

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We believe that the 500 GB that this SSD offers will be quite enough for you to be able to install the operating system, the programs you need, and several brand new gaming bestsellers. Especially in this model (along with performance), the price per gigabyte of volume pleased us. At the time of writing, it does not exceed 48 cents per gigabyte.

In terms of technical specifications, the Samsung 960 EVO 500GB is simply one of the best in the world in terms of speed. Thanks to proprietary TurboWrite technology, the V-NAND TLC memory type can compete with the more expensive SLC type on equal terms. In addition, the model boasts powerful algorithms for posting information and dynamic caching.

True, it is worth noting here that this SSD has an M.2 connection interface. Therefore, to connect it, you need to make sure that the PC motherboard has the correct connector. Otherwise, you can use the M.2-to-PCIe adapter. When using such an adapter to connect an SSD, problems may arise with loading the operating system on older motherboards. But if your PC has a motherboard with relatively new logic from Intel, then you should not worry.

With many innovative solutions, high speed and affordable price, the Samsung 960 EVO 500GB is undoubtedly the best solid state drive on the market.

Best SSD (alternative): Intel SSD 600p 512GB

The Intel SSD 600p 512GB is a pretty exotic solid-state drive from the world leader in processor manufacturing. It is worth noting that this is not the first drive from Intel, because they already have similar solutions for the corporate segment. The model we are observing is equipped with a cheaper type of TLC memory, which makes it much more affordable. Of course, the Intel SSD 600p 512GB is not the fastest solid-state drive on the market, but due to its rather large volume and balanced price, it is almost an ideal choice for a gaming PC (and not only).

Best High Performance SSD: Samsung 960 Pro 1TB

Samsung 960 Pro 1TB is the elder brother of our winner Samsung 960 EVO 500GB. If you evaluate these two drives in terms of speed of file movement, then they will be approximately at the same level. But it is worth noting that the high speed performance in the Samsung 960 EVO 500GB is achieved through the use of software tricks. But the 960 Pro is so fast only thanks to the use of a new type of MLC memory.

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In addition, the Samsung 960 Pro can offer its customers an extended warranty of 5 years, which is twice as much as in the 960 EVO. This model also has a good margin of safety and can easily withstand 800 TB of recorded / read data. Therefore, if your PC will work with large amounts of data, then you can not worry, this SSD will be enough for you for a long time.

The Pro model was also clearly faster in our own speed test. So, the 960 Pro is 15 seconds faster than the 960 EVO moved the folder with 30 GB of files of different sizes. True, for this speed you will have to pay significantly more money than for 960 EVO. But if you want to build a really powerful and productive system for computer games, then Samsung 960 Pro 1TB will definitely come in handy.

Best High Performance SSD (Alternative): Intel 750 Series 400GB

Before Samsung’s 960 series of SSDs hit the market, the Intel 750 Series proudly held the title of fastest SSD. Although the performance of these SSDs is half that of the Samsung 960, the Intel 750 Series is still very competitive. And if you take into account the price for the version with a capacity of 400 GB, which is slightly higher than the price for the model.

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