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Than MacBook is better than ultrabook on Windows

What to buy – a slightly used MacBook or an ultrabook on Windows, what advantages or disadvantages does this or that option have?
It’s no news to anyone that the leading manufacturers have learned how to make ultrabooks on Windows of high enough quality, including relatively inexpensive models for a wide range of users. A vivid confirmation of this is the Surface Book from Microsoft – this is really worth the little thing.

Surface book

Nevertheless, despite the price of 60 thousand rubles, it has some drawbacks even before the MacBook Pro 13 Retina released back in 2014. No wonder they say that if you start using Apple technology once, it’s already hard to change “apple” devices with devices of other brands.


What is pushing many users to buy a used macbook instead of a new ultrabook on Windows?

operating system
The main secret lies in the macOS operating system, which is incredibly beautiful, convenient and thought out to the smallest detail. Compared to it, Windows seems absolutely mediocre and tasteless. This is not to mention its deplorably stable stability to constantly glitch, slow down and freeze for no apparent reason.

Programs developed for macOS are also highly optimized. The fact that they work better and faster on weaker hardware speaks for itself. In addition, they fit perfectly into the ecosystem of Apple, honed in functional and design terms.

Windows laptops are rapidly degrading over time. What is the registry worth, which is constantly clogged with unnecessary garbage. In macOS, this will never cause a headache, since there is simply no such thing as a registry in poppies.

The first thing a Windows laptop purchaser does is download anti-virus programs that do not always cope with that huge amount of malware stuffed on the World Wide Web.

But catching such a pest on macOS is much more difficult, because there are much fewer viruses on Apple’s OS. It is enough to just be careful and not download files from suspicious sites, while on Windows, to pick up a virus, just go to such a site.

Many people are forced to buy a macbook by the incompatibility of macOS with programs and games for Windows, which we are used to. But actually this is not a problem.

Firstly, for macOS there are all the necessary programs, including not only office suites, but also specialized software for design, video editing, 3D modeling, etc., and they work better than on Windows.

In addition, there is a special WINE application that allows you to install and run any programs for Windows and it works quite correctly.

As for games, for macOS, such as Android, there are many simple, interesting and creative games. If this is not enough for you, then you can use the WINE emulator to run simple Windows games. Well, for heavy games, the MacBook is simply not designed, because in its thin, light and elegant case there simply is no place for a powerful video card, however, like in most other ultrabooks, which are not intended for games by and large.

But there is another way that allows you to fully use applications and undemanding games for Windows. If you cannot live without them, then on the MacBook you can install this OS. This is a great alternative for people who find it difficult to make a sharp transition, abandoning the usual software and favorite games. Apple initially provided such an opportunity. Thanks to the Boot Camp application installed on every MacBook, Windows becomes like a native to it as a second system, with all the necessary drivers.

MacBooks, thanks to the universal platform with which all applications are developed, can cope with their tasks much longer than Windows laptops, applications and games for which are written with the expectation that you buy a new, more powerful computer every year.

The reason for this is the variety of hardware configurations of laptops and computers for Windows, while software developers for macOS have to fit into the clear framework of a small number of hardware configurations of macbooks, the programs on which should work fine.

Thus, the MacBook technically becomes obsolete much more slowly and in a few years you can squeeze out much more from it than from a Windows laptop.

Cost reduction
Due to the slower obsolescence, Apple appliances lose little in price after 2-3 years of use. This is also facilitated by the high quality of the devices of the apple brand, which translates into a long service life.

A used MacBook can be sold 20-30% cheaper than a new one, while devices on Windows lose their value by 2-3 times.

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