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Setting up the ASUS WL-520GC

For a sufficiently large period of time using the DIR-300 router, I admit, I got used to its features and it did not bother me at all. And in comparison with it, the ASUS WL-520GC router turned out to be rather capricious. Why – I will tell below. But the speed of rebooting and entering the operating mode was simply amazing. The DIR-300 here looks like a lame turtle on the background of the WL-520GC.

When setting up the router, you are very likely to need some network information. What data may be needed and how to get it is described in this article. Check it out.

Externally, the WL-520GC looks like this:



In the upper figure, the indicators of the front panel of the router are indicated, in the second – the rear view. The power indicator, as in the case of the DIR-300, starts to flicker quickly when the device is reset. There is nothing more to say about the indicators, we turn to the back panel of the WL-520GC. So, from left to right:

Antenna Connector
Red auto tuning button
Device Reset Button
Four LAN connectors
WAN Connector
Power connector

Why do I need power connectors and antennas, I think, no need to explain. The WAN connector (next to the power supply) is used to connect the cable to the Internet, LAN connectors – to connect computers. The auto-tuning button is needed to configure the WL-520GC router using the included CD-ROM. Everything is simple here. Insert the disk into the drive, start. The program opens and requires you to enter your device in auto-tuning mode. Press the red button and hold for 5 seconds. After the power indicator starts to flicker in front, release the button and return to the running program. Then everything is very simple.

The first problem: the power indicator of the WL-520GC does not flicker while holding the button.
Solution: pull the power cord out of the connector, count to 10, plug it back in and press the red button again. Must earn.
The second problem: the auto-install mode did not configure the network.
Solution: watch the video (link below) and configure everything manually.

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned that the WL-520GC router turned out to be extremely moody. The button next to the red button is used to reset the device to factory defaults. For example, you forgot the password from the router. Exit – reset the settings with the button (password and login will become factory defaults – admin). However, the reset button may also not work, i.e. when you hold it, the power indicator will not flicker. The treatment is the same – pull out and insert the power cord.

What is interesting – some time after such primitive measures, my copy of the WL-520GC began to behave humanly and work like a clock. After that I set it up and returned to the owner an already obedient piece of iron. After the owner fed the WL-520 a new batch of its settings, the router again refused to work (connect). I had to advise the focus with food, after which the router worked. As a result of my communication with this device, I realized two things:

Settings may not work when rebooting the router through the interface, but they will work fine if you restart it by disconnecting the power cord.
Settings may not work if they are entered in the input fields with copy-paste (copied, pasted) and will work fine if they were entered manually.
Consider these points when setting up your router, but let’s hope that you do not encounter these problems. By clicking on the button below, you can watch a video on setting up the interface of the router.

Flash movie for setting WL-520GC

Download SWF file for viewing on PC

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