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Computer for World of Tanks

What kind of computer do you need to play World of Tanks, a processor, a video card, memory, a monitor, a mouse to make it more convenient and efficient.
This article is for those who want to buy a new computer, improve an old one, purchase a monitor, mouse, or at least a mouse pad smile

1. CPU
Why did I start with a processor and not say with a video card? Because the performance in World of Tanks is pretty much processor dependent. The game loves Intel processors more than AMD processors. A computer with the same graphics card, but with an Intel processor produces a frame rate (FPS) 1.5-2 times higher, which greatly affects your effectiveness in the game.

If other games do not interest you particularly and you are not involved in video editing, then, in principle, the Intel Pentium G4560, G4600, G4620 processor (2 cores / 4 threads) is enough.

If you plan to play other modern games or edit video, it is advisable to purchase a 4-core Intel Core i5-7400, i5-7500 processor.

If you want to change the processor on an old computer, then choose the most powerful one supported by your motherboard. Which processors the motherboard supports can be found by the model number on the manufacturer’s website.

2. Cooler
In principle, you can take the boxed processor complete with a cooler. But if you want your computer to make as little noise as possible, then it is better to purchase a cooler separately, and buy a processor without a cooler. The most optimal in terms of price / quality ratio are vertical coolers with heat pipes DeepCool and Zalman.
For a Pentium processor, a cooler with 2-3 heat pipes, a 300 gram heat sink and a 92 mm fan will suffice. For the Core i5 processor, the cooler with 4 heat pipes, a radiator weighing more than 500 grams and a fan of 120 mm will be optimal.

You can download recommendations for choosing a cooler for different processors in the “Links” section.
3. Video card
The game “World of Tanks” is not very demanding on the video card and in order to play at medium graphics settings, in principle, the GTX 1050 for 2 GB is enough.

If you are not very limited in funds, then take the GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB better, it will allow you to play at high settings.

If you want to play other modern games or have some margin for the future, then take the GTX 1060 to 3 GB.

Recommended manufacturers are ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte.

You can download a unique table comparing different models of video cards in terms of performance and price in the “Links” section.
4. RAM
In principle, one of the 4 GB memory slots is enough for the World of Tanks game, and another one can be installed in the future if necessary. But if you plan to play other games, you need 8 GB of RAM and it is better to take them with two 4 GB strips in order for the memory to work in dual-channel mode, this reduces lags in games.

The exception is the case if you are building a powerful computer and want to increase the memory to 16 GB in the near future, then it is better to take one bracket for 8 GB. The most optimal today is DDR4 memory with a frequency of 2400 MHz.

I recommend to purchase memory manufactured by AMD, Goodram, Corsair, Crucial, it is most optimal in terms of price / quality ratio.

5. Hard drive and SSD
The optimal recommended hard drive capacity for today is 1 TB, then everything depends on your needs. In terms of reliability, Western Digital (WD) hard drives have proven their worth.

Read more in the article about choosing a hard drive, and you can download the program for testing disk speed and see the test results of different models at this link.

A good option would be to install a solid-state drive (SSD), the speed of the computer and download games will be more pleasant. Under Windows and the beloved game World of Tanks smile, in principle, an SSD of 120-128 GB is enough. If you play also other modern games, then preferably 240-256 GB.

The normal read speed of the SSD is 450-550 Mb / s, the write speed can be lower in the range of 350-500 Mb / s. MLC memory is more durable than TLC, but it also costs more, so this is optional. The best SSDs are made by Intel, Crucial, Samsung, SanDisk. Of the less expensive, you can take Corsair, Plextor, A-Data.

Read more in the article about choosing an SSD.

6. Motherboard
For Intel Pentium and Core i5 processors on socket 1151, I recommend motherboards based on the B250 or H270 chipset manufactured by ASUS or MSI.
If you have the opportunity, then take the motherboard from the game series (GAMING), it will be equipped with a good sound and network card, as well as higher quality of the element base, stability of work and service life.

7. Housing and power supply
The most optimal price will be to purchase an AeroCool case with a power supply unit of 500-600 W, depending on the power of the video card. If you have the opportunity and desire, then you can purchase a separately higher-quality power supply and a separate housing that you will like in design.

Computer for World of Tanks
What kind of computer do you need to play World of Tanks, a processor, a…


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