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How to clean your laptop from dust?

Possible consequences of dusting the laptop, self-disassembling and cleaning the laptop, useful tips on how to do it right and what you should not do.
Dust consists of small particles that enter through the grill of a laptop’s cooling system. After six months or a year, the ideally clean notebook inside becomes dirty. Fans can not blow out all the dust that clogs the radiator of the cooling system, and then the motherboard and accessories. Gradually, dust increases in size and interferes with the operation of the device, especially overheating affects the battery life of the laptop.

If you do not carry out timely cleaning, the laptop will simply overheat and stop working. Unpleasant fan noise and noticeable heating of the case are clear signs of clogging of the cooling system, followed by a decrease in performance. Many people spend a tidy amount of service to maintain order inside the laptop. However, in most cases, you can save a budget and do this simple business on your own.

What to do if the laptop overheats
If your laptop has overheated, then before starting cleaning work, we recommend that you conduct a test and measure the temperature of the processor and video card. A second test after cleaning will help determine how effective this procedure has been. To warm up the processor, you can use the built-in stress test in the CPU-Z utility, and take the temperature using HWiNFO to stabilize the values. For a video card, one FurMark test is enough for 10 minutes.

How to clean your laptop from dust without disassembling
This method of cleaning the laptop from dust is not always effective, but does not require special skills, tools, and often this is enough to remove the bulk of the dust in the ventilation shaft of the cooling system and the keyboard.

First, make sure that the laptop is turned off, and not in sleep mode. If possible, disconnect the battery, after which you can proceed with cleaning.

The bulk of the dust can be blown through the ventilation holes. Use improvised means: a vacuum cleaner, a powerful hair dryer, a small brush. It is more efficient not to suck in the dust, but to blow it out. If your vacuum cleaner cannot do this, then you can buy a special can of compressed air (sold at computer stores and radio markets).

Also, an automobile compressor or an electric pump is suitable for this purpose. The main thing is not to overdo it, a powerful stream of air can damage the details of the laptop.

The keyboard can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner using a soft-nap nozzle. Wipe the screen and then the case can be a soft terry microfiber, slightly moistened in water.

How to clean a laptop from dust with disassembly
If cleaning the laptop without disassembling did not give the desired result, the laptop still heats up or makes noise, then you can’t do without disassembling it. First of all, look on the Internet or on YouTube for instructions on cleaning your laptop model. If the process seems complicated to you (you need to disassemble almost the entire laptop), then do not risk it – contact a reliable service center or a proven computer store that provides such a service.

If you see that everything is simple for your model, it is enough to remove the back cover and cooling system, then you can safely proceed to self-disassemble and clean, but in any case, take your time and do not forget about accuracy.

What you need to disassemble and clean the laptop
As tools, you will most likely need:

small phillips screwdriver
unnecessary plastic card
tweezers (not always necessary)
soft paint brush
If the design of the cooling system of your laptop does not allow you to separately clean the fan and radiator, but requires the complete removal of the cooling system from the processor and video card, then you will additionally need the following:

thermal paste (recommend Artic Cooling MX-4)
cotton and cotton buds (or matches)
alcohol or solvent (such as acetone)
Prepare it all in advance, since when removing the cooling system, it is absolutely necessary to remove the old and apply new thermal grease.

The main stages of disassembling and cleaning the laptop
The main stages of disassembling and cleaning any laptop include the following:

shutting down the laptop and disconnecting the battery
removing the back cover of a laptop
disconnecting and cleaning the cooling system
cleaning the inside of a laptop
removal of old thermal paste from the cooling system and chips
applying new thermal paste
installation back of the cooling system
closing laptop cover
battery installation
vacuuming the keyboard with a soft nozzle
wiping the screen and case with slightly damp microfiber
All this is quite simple and takes only about an hour, of course, if your model does not need to remove the keyboard for cleaning and completely disassemble the case. In this case, it is better to contact qualified specialists, since there is a great risk of breaking something.

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