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System Admin Tools

A brief overview of several sets of system administrator tools, why they are needed and how they can be useful to a regular computer user.
Every user whose work is somehow connected with a computer knows who the system administrator is and understands that this work requires knowledge in the field of information technology.

But often, knowledge alone is not enough and in order to perform diagnostics and restore the normal operation of computer technology, both ordinary and special tools are required.

Sooner or later, home users also have to deal with the maintenance of their computer. At a minimum, this is disassembling, cleaning and replacing individual components. A screwdriver is often enough for this, but when it comes to troubleshooting, this is no longer enough.

In order to measure the battery voltage on the motherboard, you need a multimeter, which is also useful for checking the voltage of the power supply and detecting breaks.

To restore a PC that has torn off from the front panel, wiring often needs a simple soldering iron, and craftsmen can even solder swollen capacitors on the motherboard or in the power supply.

To transfer the Internet cable or simply replace the connector, many have to apply to the provider and wait a few days for the master to arrive. All this can be done independently in a matter of minutes with crimping pliers on hand.

In general, a certain set of tools must be with the system administrator and a technically savvy user. In addition, many of the tools accounted for in the household.

It is very cool when everything you need will be in one place, and not scattered in different boxes. This task is solved by the system administrator’s toolkits, in which each tool has its own place, and thanks to a convenient case, you can take it with you to a friend or client.

These sets are so diverse that everyone can find the right one for their needs and budget. Here are an example of several options that are popular among system administrators.

Tool Kit SK-LAN-1
Includes the most essential high-quality crimping and crimping tools.

Tool Kit SK-LAN-1

This kit is more suitable for experienced system administrators and installers, it includes:

digital professional twisted pair tester
crimper for crimping connectors (6 in 1)
cable cutter
screwdriver with interchangeable inserts (34 pcs)
instrument case
Hobbes HT-1450 Tool Kit
A simpler narrowly targeted set, which contains only the most necessary for tasks related to the installation of cable lugs.

Hobbes HT-1450 Tool Kit

This set is more focused on installers who know what they need for convenient operation, it includes:

cable tester E Network
Crimper for installing modular connectors (3-position)
cable stripping and stripping tool
5 × 75 mm Phillips screwdriver
flat screwdriver 5 × 75 mm
zipper bag
Hobbes HT-2021 Tool Kit
This kit is designed to repair computers and peripherals and includes a large set of tools that can come in handy for a variety of purposes.

Hobbes HT-2021 Tool Kit

It is perfect for specialists in the repair of equipment and for those users who like to make crafts and do everything with their own hands, because it has everything you can imagine:

electric screwdriver
bit set (25 pcs)
precision screwdrivers
combination wrench (5-11 mm)
set of sockets (5-10 mm)
soldering iron with suction
box for parts
zipper bag
Hobbes HT-2568F1 Tool Kit
This kit includes everything you need to connect a computer to the network.

Hobbes HT-2568F1 Tool Kit

It is suitable for specialists who provide computers to the Internet and network troubleshooting, its composition will facilitate this work as much as possible:

cable tester E Network
crimper for crimping connectors (3 in 1)
cable cutting stripper
RJ-45 connectors (80 pcs)
plastic case
There are many more modifications of the toolboxes and you can choose the most suitable for yourself, and if even there isn’t enough, then there’s no problem adding it to what you need.

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