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Best CPU Water Cooling Systems

High-performance processors generate a lot of heat, therefore, in order to maintain their stability, users need to get an efficient liquid cooler. Why not an air cooler? Are liquid refrigerators an added expense? The short answer is yes. They provide better performance, although this does not always mean keeping your CPU temperature as low as possible. It is better to choose a liquid for cooling the air, as this usually helps maintain the stability of your system in the long run and may be less difficult to install.

If you decide that the time has come to make the life of your PC more comfortable, then we have selected for you the best liquid cooling systems that you can buy on the market right now. But before starting the review, let’s clarify a few points.

1. Compatibility

Obviously, the first thing you need to check is that the cooler is compatible with the case of your system. A radiator is an important component of a liquid cooler, and they can usually be found in sizes from 120 mm to 280 mm in length. You need to know exactly what the maximum size of the radiator that can fit in your case. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the specification of your case. Another aspect that should also be considered is the power of the radiator, if you want to switch to a push-pull configuration, which will require more space.

2. Your needs

People can easily be tempted by colorful premium liquid coolers that advertise incredible performance and much more, but the truth is that you need to analyze your specific needs very well before breaking up the piggy bank. Like all PC components, you can find entry-level coolers, as well as some high-performance systems that come at a premium price. Many manufacturers add features such as LED lighting or integrated fan controls that are more or less interesting, but some people really don’t care about that. Instead, they are trying to find better performance. Even cheaper coolers can significantly affect your processor temperatures when upgrading from an air cooler.

Based on a 280mm radiator and with the addition of CAM software, NZXT Kraken is fully equipped with powerful features for users with very demanding processors. The price, admittedly, is not on the side of economical decisions, but if you want to seriously invest in an all-in-one liquid cooling system, this will undoubtedly be the right investment.

This is a closed-circuit consumer cooler that uses an integrated variable speed pump. It minimizes noise during operation, but without compromising the power of the upper end of the pump. One of the most impressive aspects of the Kraken X62 is its 280mm aluminum radiator, which is cooled by a pair of 140mm PWM FX V2 fans. The fans are equipped with rubber insulators located in the corners of the black frames and capable of delivering approximately 102 CFM of airflow each.

At the bottom of the device you can find the backlight. The X61 offers full-color RGB color options complete with modes to make a wonderful appearance for any system build. CAM software is also a great feature, as it provides additional settings and additional information compared to similar software. You can control the backlight, fan speed and many other customizable cooling settings. What is nice about CAM is that it supports more Kraken systems natively.

The installation of this device is provided by an expanded 16-inch tube and a large support for the tower. If you follow the instructions exactly, then there should not be any problems with the installation.

Given all the features of the NZXT Kraken X62 RL-KRX61-01, the final conclusion is very positive. CAM software, in particular, contributes to this good cooler getting into the ranks of an incredible cooling solution due to its depth of customization. If you have the right budget, this model will take your processor cooling to a new level, providing maximum efficiency even with heavy use.

Key Feature: Integrated Variable Speed ​​Pump
PWM Water-Cooled Fan FX 140 V2
CAM Kraken + Software
Extended 16-inch handset
Premium Black Cables
High Pressure Copper Cold Plate
You can buy NZXT Kraken X62 280 mm RL-KRX61-01 in Ukraine here.

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