Best Gaming PC Motherboards
Ladies and gentlemen, we continue our cycle of materials on building a real gaming PC. Today we’ll talk about the best motherboards for a gaming computer. If doctors say that…

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Modernization of old PCs
Immediately, I note that the article is not one year old and it was left on the site for a change. It is clear that now on the market there…

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Dummies about computers
This article is for those who flew to Mars about 70 years ago and lost contact with the Earth. And when they returned, they discovered that new obscure words appeared…

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Where is better to download programs

There are a huge number of sites with various programs on the Internet, but how to determine what needs to be downloaded and where it is better to do so in order not to get infected with a virus?
Every day, the volume of software entering the market is increasing astronomically. Therefore, it can be quite difficult to find a resource where to download the program of interest.

Always the best way is to download the program from the developer’s site, which are usually in first place in the search engine, but this does not always happen. In addition, the user cannot always know in advance which program is best for him for certain purposes.

Experienced developers, analyzing the current situation on the market, create programs directly for a specific range of tasks. And on the Internet there are catalogs of programs on which the system for searching software content is perfectly optimized and where any user can find the program he needs.

Using these directories, you can find the program you need without even knowing its name. It is enough to know only what it is intended for, select a category in the catalog and find one or several best options based on the description and rating.

To make it even easier for you, we have selected some of the best of the most popular program directories, which will be quite enough for most users.

The site Soft Portal offers the widest range of programs designed for different users. The portal has a brief description of the programs with screenshots, there is the opportunity to share comments and rate. The user receives information in advance about the volume of the program, whether it is free and whether it has a Russian interface.

It should be noted that all content on this resource is protected from viruses, which is a very important criterion. In one of our articles on security and virus protection, we already talked about how to protect our devices from malware. One of the most important aspects is the recommendation to download programs from a reliable source, which are program directories.

Another portal Softodrom, which is very popular, in addition to programs offers users important news in the field of IT-technologies. There is also a convenient search function with which to find the program you need is not difficult.

Portal 4shared, takes an honorable first place in the international ranking of program catalogs. It presents a large gamut of programs and this resource is visited daily by about a million users. A feature of this portal is the presence in the catalog of not only programs for PCs, but also for mobile devices.

There are also less promoted, but rather interesting developing resources that are just starting to expand their base of programs, like Soft Packet, which already contains a set of the most popular programs for Windows, and the database of programs for Android, iOS and MAC is regularly updated.

Here you will find all the basic basic programs necessary for the normal operation of any device that fully satisfy the requirements of almost any user and help solve the most non-trivial task.

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