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How to build a gaming PC up to $ 1000

Features of the assembly of a mid-range gaming computer, where you can save money and what you shouldn’t do to get maximum performance at the lowest cost
Any gamer perfectly understands the fact that for a comfortable game you must have at your disposal productive hardware. Some players prefer consoles, but many use a PC and get a lot of pleasure from it.

Console or computer

There are quite a few games under the PC, and in order to play on it, additional equipment is not required (for example, a TV on which someone wants to watch a movie, football or broadcast). At the same time, the gaming computer remains a working machine and a multimedia center, therefore it is a more universal solution.

1. How to save as much as possible
The main problem is that the cost of gaming computers is very high, not everyone can afford such a pleasure. But if you approach the choice correctly and build a gaming PC yourself, then you can meet the budget of up to $ 1000.

This is not a problem for those who are well versed in computer hardware and can independently choose the right components for the assembly. Here it is important to understand how you can save, and why not do it. In this short article, we will help you navigate this issue.

Use cashback

Oddly enough, but the first thing we would like to draw attention to is the cashback services, thanks to which you can get some savings when buying a gaming PC. After all, in order to use them, you can generally not know anything about computers, but still get guaranteed savings.

Cashback service

You can choose such a service from the TOP on, register in the service and only then make purchases. Initially, the savings may seem insignificant, but even if you get a 4% return on all purchases, the savings will be $ 40, and with this money you can buy a good online game or accessories for a more comfortable game process (gaming mouse, headset, etc.). ) Do not neglect the opportunity to save the maximum amount of money.

2. How to choose the right accessories
When it comes to assembling a gaming computer, it is a question of saving if you want to get the best possible performance in games, they are usually guided by the following considerations.

Start picking up components, starting with the unimportant ones, trying to choose the minimum option, and then pick up what is more important and invest the entire balance of the budget in it.

The case – almost nothing depends on it, the main thing is that all the components fit normally and there is good blowability, we save to the maximum.
The power supply is an important detail, but when it comes to a mid-range gaming PC, it’s not worth it to drive it, the main thing is to have enough power. You can even take the case complete with PSU.
Motherboard – we also save on it, but a little less. After all, you do not want your PC to fail and games to crash? So we take a popular model, a little more expensive than the cheapest.
RAM – it just needs to be enough, we take the cheapest of the right amount.
Hard disk – we also take the most inexpensive of those that are suitable for you in volume.
SSD disk – for now, forget about it, why do you need to load Windows in 30 seconds if there is not enough money for a normal video card and games will slow down? It makes sense to buy an SSD, but at the very end, if there is money left.
The processor is important enough for games, but you need to strike a balance between its power and the power of the video card. In general, its performance should be enough with a small margin.
CPU cooler – an inexpensive medium-sized model is simply selected, which will cope well with the cooling of the selected processor.
A video card is the most important part of a gaming PC, which is why it is chosen last. Invest all the rest of the budget in it, and if you can take a more powerful model a little more expensive, then add some more money ($ 40 from the cash back will obviously not become superfluous here) wink
Next, we’ll talk a little more about all these components, give tips on models, manufacturers and where it is better to buy.

2.1. Body
Take the standard Midi Tower, if you want – with support for ATX boards (it will come in handy, plus they are more spacious), if not – with support for mATX (but this does not affect the price much).

Case Zalman Z1

Hammer on the design, the main thing is that there should be more holes in it (even a half perforated front panel is enough). A great option would be the Zalman Z1 (Black or Neo) or the cheaper AeroCool V3X (if you want to save as much as possible).

2.2. Power Supply
If you take the economical case AeroCool V3X, then in this series there are models with AeroCool VX power supplies with a capacity of 500-700 watts. The difference in price between them is small, and the power supplies themselves are budget, but better than cheap Chinese brands. The best option would be a case with a power supply of 600 watts.

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