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The computer does not turn on: reasons

It is probably hard to imagine a more terrible start to the working day: you sit down at your computer, press the power button and … nothing, but only a black screen! Agree, there is no worse problem with a PC than that when the computer does not turn on. There are many reasons why the computer does not turn on and there are very few clues about what caused such a serious malfunction. In fact, in this case there is one obvious symptom – absolutely nothing works 🙁 Nevertheless, if you approach this problem more seriously, it may turn out that the user can independently perform initial diagnostics and with a high degree of probability determine the reasons why the computer stopped turn on.

The computer turns on but does not start
Why the computer does not turn on: overheating!
In our material today, we have compiled for you the most common causes of computer failures, after which it stops turning on. So, if you encounter any of the following problems, then our article is for you.

When you turn on the computer beeps and the monitor does not turn on
Windows does not load
Cleaned the computer now does not turn on
The computer does not turn on and there is only a black screen
The computer turned off and does not turn on
The computer turns on, but there is no image and does not squeak
The computer does not turn on the first time
The computer does not turn on with the button
BIOS does not load
The computer is buzzing but not turning on
After a thunderstorm, the computer does not turn on
The computer picks up and does not turn on
The computer turns on but does not work
The cooler in the case starts spinning and stops
After a power outage, the computer stopped loading
The computer emits 4 signals and does not turn on
The computer turns on, but does not respond to commands
Why the computer does not turn on?
The computer does not start

There are a number of reasons why your computer does not turn on. Let’s, for convenience, try to break this global problem down into several subspecies.

A component of your computer may be damaged or malfunctioning. If so, you will need to restore your computer. Common problems include a faulty power supply, improperly installed components (such as memory or RAM), and a faulty motherboard. In addition, we strongly recommend that you check the power of your PC. According to statistics, very often the computer does not turn on due to the fact that it is corny not connected to the network 🙂

If the computer beeps and does not turn on, it may indicate that it has detected a problem that it cannot cope with. These beeps are sometimes referred to as beep codes, and the beep pattern is designed to tell you what the problem is and what solutions exist. Different manufacturers use different sound codes, so you will have to refer to the manual for the motherboard of your computer or entrust your car to professionals from the service center.

This is a rather insidious problem when the coolers are working, and the computer is silent, because it can mean a lot of reasons because of which the computer does not start. However, we have some tips on how to help you with this problem. Let’s start with the simplest thing: check if the monitor is connected to the computer. Sometimes, poor contact between the monitor cable and the video card slot can cause the monitor to not turn on. As a result, you may have the feeling that the computer is simply not working.

If everything is ok with connecting the monitor, then the situation is aggravated. After all, most likely, the problem lies in the fact that you are having problems in the hardware of the computer. But here it is already very difficult to do without the help of qualified specialists.
This problem may also be caused by a hardware error. Fans may turn on when you press the power button, but other important parts of the computer may not turn on. In this case, repair is indispensable 🙁

Probably the most popular request on the network that is related to the problem of starting the PC is “The computer turns on, but does not start.” As you probably already guessed, the cause of this problem may simply be a myriad of … But let’s briefly go over the main reasons and ways to address them.

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