Computer and vision
This article will discuss the effects of computers on vision. Initially, the article was focused…

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Internet security threats and how to protect yourself from them
On the modern Internet, any user, without exception, is in danger of infecting his PC,…

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How to build a gaming PC up to $ 1000
Features of the assembly of a mid-range gaming computer, where you can save money and…

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How to increase the speed of your computer

The main causes of braking, computer malfunctions, methods for identifying and eliminating them.
If your computer began to work slowly, and some programs and plugins stopped starting, read this article and we will deal with all the main reasons. We divide the causes into several main groups.

The impact of third-party software
The most common cause is viruses. To infect the operating system with such software is quite simple if you do not have a good antivirus installed. Sources can be very diverse. This is browsing sites, connecting flash drives or installing games. You can also initiate an infection by clicking on the link or by launching the application from the web. In order to remove this software, first scan your computer with some well-established anti-virus software.Remove them, if any. If the program does not find suspicious activity, go to the second step.

Hard drive defective
Probably everyone knows that the operating system is located on the hard drive. The speed of your computer as a whole depends on the correctness of its operation (the absence of logical and system errors). Scan the disk for such errors of one of the programs. There are a lot of them on the Internet – there are paid and free, choose for yourself.

As a rule, the developer’s site has detailed instructions on how to conduct a disk test. I would like to say in advance that the tests are conducted on the HDD. If you have installed an SSD drive, then the test is impractical, since the principle of operation is different from standard hard drives.

Didn’t the steps listed help? You may need specialist help. A computer wizard will help you and you can call it at home at a convenient time. As a rule, an experienced specialist quickly identifies the problem and solves it on the spot.

The reason may also be hidden in the components of the motherboard. For example, overheating of one of the board bridges leads to computer freezes or periodic reboots with a blue screen with an error code. This is the so-called BSOD screen. It appears when there is no initialization of a specific driver. There may be several. And finally, the last point.

CPU overheating
You can measure its temperature in the BIOS. Instructions for working with it can be found on the motherboard manufacturer’s website. Look carefully at its version. It is also possible on some computers to see information on a special display mounted in the front of the case. There are also special programs that measure the temperature under load, which is more true.

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